Step 1

Step 2

If I will supply goods is checked then those options will appear, if select from catalog is choosen them the catalog popup will appear. (or to the right of the form if possible) 

step 3

choose sides and ink colors. 

Step 4

Select sizes and quantities

Step 5

after displaying price the customer can email the quote or request more info.  Also a quote number can be displayed here. 

It would be nice if the catalog were set to the right of the form instead of being a pop up if possible. 

This will be the front end price quote form.  The back end form can look similar to this :


-both front end and admin quote forms should allow for quoting mutiple items in the same quote.

-quotes need to be saved in the admin
-supply garment is allowed only for logged in customers
-show quantities for price breaks in step 5 
-have a section for notes to be added to the quotes, customer should be able to save and reuse certain standard notes. 

– embedable version of quote form with predetermined markup for t42’s clients to put on thier site. 



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